Hang-out with Bruce, Martin & Co

Hanged out with Bruce and Martin once again. First went out with them last week during the fantastic Razorback gig at 70s bistro. I’ll forever thank them for inviting me to that gig. It was the best! What a way to start the year.

Bruce’s ex was there with her “boyfriend”. If I were Bruce, I wouldn’t let someone just do that to me. I mean, heck?! The girl knows he’s still in love with her and she had the nerve to bring along her new fling? WTF?! Bruce drove the car and two “lovebirds” sat in the front seat together. Man, if it isn’t him being strong-willed that keeps him from throwing out those two, I don’t know what.

Bruce is a great friend. I know how he feels. I’ve been treated inhumanely too in my cursed love life.

Martin’s fouled up gig led to us going to 77 bar for some beer. The bar tender was Atenean and we chatted a bit about Fr. Dacanay and Dr. Gus Rodrigez. After that we crammed in Bruce’s car and went my house. Martin and I drank Emperador. Superb! Nell, the volcalist snored in couch. The drummer went home. Bruce’s ex and her boylet were mushing in the couch while Bruce spoon-fed her some sisig and rice. I can’t help but feel “disturbed”.

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