Hell Month

C Programming assignment for CS23 Systems Programming Class. Something about Semaphores and Shared Memory implementation of the Producer Consumer Problem. This is due on Tuesday next week. My partner is the uber genius Clifford Lim. His expectations for this project is high. Work, work, work!

CS119.4 Embedded Systems first minor project for Dr. Pablo Manalastas is due on January 31. That’s on Saturday next week. C programming again. I’m supposed to make a Today application for the palm. I haven’t figured out how to manage Palm databases. I’ve been slaving over Palm databases and the hellish memory mamangement for days and then I’m supposed to handle the builtin databases of the To-Do List, Appointments and Contacts (for the birthdays) for this project. I’m enjoying Palm development but I wonder if I’ll be able to figure this out in time for the deadline. Well, I SHOULD. Hihi. I have a reputation to maintain!

Gearing up for Fr. Jose S. Arcilla’s 8-11 page research paper on the Hispanization of the Philippines. This is due next week, Thursday. I researched in the Rizal Library with Erik Uy. God, I have to do exceptionally well for this paper to make up for the previous disaster.

I signed up for the P&G exam this Saturday. P&G has a reputation for chosing only the best and scouting those who excel in the academe. So what shot do I have in getting into P&G anyways?

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