More Deadlines?

Xtended Play wants their site up on January 28. Doable? Jino says he can’t get the phpBB system. Can he finish the CMS on time? I still have to translate some of the German contant into english. Have to integrate login system too and show user data when they finalize their order in the shopping cart. Have to implement product quantity in the invetory system. Have to log orders into a database too and display reports for that too. Sigh

U Got Game is catching up on me too. Will this game programming contest push through as planned? Ironed out some of the registration details with Ranulf Goss last tuesay. I was hoping the contingents of from Mapua, La Salle and UP would come BUT THEY DIDN’T! It was only us (Ateneo) and some of Ranulf’s Trend Micro office mates, Jerome Punzalan (whom I already met before) and a dude named Ramil. The two were from Ateneo too. Ranulf was the only non-Ateneo and a LaSallite for that matter. Poor Ranulf! I have some iffy feelings about the project. We need to coordinate a lot with the other schools.

Team Ateneo Fan Site. If the Athletics Council President don’t bug me to update and rehash all the CMS they need, I’ll let this wait until the summer break. I hope I can squish this thing tandem with my OJT.

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  1. joy
    January 19, 2004 at 8:54 am |

    ano ung ibigsabihin mo dun sa kapag na-finalize na namin ung orders sa shopping cart? are you having any problems regarding the project? tell us now so that we could work through this together before its too late. okay? thanks!

  2. joy
    January 19, 2004 at 9:24 am |

    oh and cha, i’ve visited the phpBB again and i noticed that if there is no way of getting back to the xtendedplay page. check your email pala… im going to send you some details.

  3. joy
    January 19, 2004 at 9:25 am |

    also, dun sa log-in, pwede it won’t go directly to the forums page? cguro magstay lang siya sa main page then he could get to the forums by pressing community which we agreed before to be changed to forums. =)) sorry if i flooded your blog…

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