Palm Databases + History 165

I’ve been researching for my “Torday” application for my CS119.4: Programming for Embedded Systems project.

I need to acces the database for the builtin palm applications. Namely, the To Do List, Date Book, and Address Book (for birthday alerts).

Here’s an interesting article on how to browse through all the Palm databases in your handheld:

Once I get this to work, I must find out how to retrieve the data from the databases. So, I need to know the structure of each database. Palm doesn’t have tables and data types like traditional databases. The data is all hodgepodge in the memory. You need to retrieve them, and cast them to appropriate structs before you can access the data.

Here’s an interesting find on the Address Book schema:

Here’s a vage schema on the Date Book:


And now onto my research paper for Fr. Arcilla in History 165: Rizal and the Emergence of the Philippine Nation. As with all my research papers, I do thorough research first before sitting in front of the computer and actually composing the paper. I’ve aptly entitled it “Hispanization of the Philippines: Language Instruction and Educational Institutions”. Or is that too broad a topic for an 8-11 page paper?

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