The Weekend and Beyond

CS23 stress. Just finished doing William Yu’s homework on the readers/writers problem with partner Cliff. I almost didn’t do any significant contribution. I stared at lecture slides, googled and studied explanations on the internet. But still, I had a hard time figuring out how to implement the darn thing in C. Madness. Systems programming is not my cup of tea. Web stuff, application and perhaps a bit of trivial algorithm and data strucutres are fun for me. But this is the first time that I actually felt useless sitting in front of the computer. I whined a bit to Migs Paraz about how hard it is. William was a friend of his and they did some performance testing on the internet during their college years. They were already legends then. I joined pinoy-JUG through his invitation but the egroup is not really active right now.

Gearing up for the week. I’m actually looking forward to hanging out with Martin and Co. on Saturday, Jan 31. He says he’ll kill me if I don’t go with them to the Pinikpikan gig in 70s bistro. Although ethnic is not really my thing, I’d like to go out and rest after this busy week.

Right now, my mind is preoccupied with different things: Academics, OJT Hunting, Compsat, External Web Prjects, my band Chicken Sisig and Gimik with friends.

Friends are ultimate bad influences. Last Friday, a dozen of them just showed up in my house with beers, emberador and gin. I closed Silbershatz and Galvin and went to drink with the guys. Martin baught a DVD of Kill Bill and a CD full of MP3s he’d like me to hear. Nice of him! Some people actually think too much work is bad for your health (as compared to alcohol).

Things to do this week:

Theology (Dacanay): read 38 pages worth of theological mumbo-jumbo.
History (Arcilla): do the 8-12 page paper to be submitted on Thursday.
Embedded Sys (Manalastas): do the project due on Jan 31
Networks (Tagle): long test on wednesday 6pm-9pm.

Work on Projects:

XtendedPlay: finish CMS
UGotGame: Plan System, list of potential judges
Compsat: foodsale, elections, shirts

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