Things to Hack in this Blog

Geez, I never thought I’d put up my own personal site. has been existing in the internet devoid of an index page. That’s something to laugh at. I just use the server to deploy and test my web projects. So this blog is just one of my little projects wich I hope would sustain itself for a long time.

I like this Simplog blogging system i got from Its simple, its light, it has smarty templating implementation, the admin system has lots of features. Its great! All the necessary goodies neatly bundled in a simple system. I like! Simple enough to hack yet powerful enough to serve my purposes. Perrrrfect.

To-do list for hacking:

1. get rid of this pesky error: Warning: main(): stream does not support seeking in /home/cha/public_html/index.php on line 27
2. It seems that the entries are sorted by an index number rather than by date. Can make this more flexible by sorting according to timestamp. This way, I can determine what date the entries are, should I decide to write about particular events some time after.
3. It seems that the user-made blocks in the right panel disppear when I click on a certain catagory. Can fix that too.
4. Add time zone adjustment in the settings. Apparently the time stamp in the server’s time is not aligned with my time zone (GMT +8).

1. Enhance smarty templating to include the whole site and not just the postings area. (frontend is not my cup of tea. ugh)
2. Add a top navigation bar. This may evolve into some CMS for adding custom pages and sections into this blog. Some sort of “My Website” and not just “My Blog”. Look into Nuke, phpMyWebsite or Post-Nuke? Hmm..
3. Add a task listing for each date? But do I really need a wiki integrated into this blog? Hmm..
4. Integrate a file manager with Add/Edit entries to facilitate uploading of files/images
5. A “Contact Me” area at the bottom of the main page (or perhaps a separate page?). The usual text boxes and SMTP code in PHP.

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  1. Leonard Iozzi
    Leonard Iozzi
    February 22, 2004 at 10:23 pm |

    Have you figured out how to get rid of this error? I found your site by searching in Google for it.

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