Xtended Play Updates

Started with basic CMS for the news area. It needs a bit of work to parse the data from the text field – edit it, add line terminators and other formatting stuff. I’ll look into blog administration panels and hack a bit to get the CMS going. Otherwise, Jino can take over if he’s still willing to work on this. I have to start with the UGotGame registration system some time next week so I need to get this XtendedPlay project over with soon.

- Added thos CMS of News. Updateable through the Catalog and Shopping Cart administration panel.
- Translated German content into english
- Upon login, the user is directed to the index page, not the forums page
- added Shipping and Payment details. Although needs a bit of frontend work :(

- Some minor lose ends to iron out:
Implement SMTP mail send on the following:
Contact: templates/tpl.contac_ok.php
Login, Forgot Password: libclasses/lib.login.php

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