Joy Leonardo sent me an email regarding her latest find on the XtendedPlay project. She finally tried out the system! Great for me. I work well when someone else does the testing and pointing out some lose ends. A bit of pressuring from them would help me get things going too.

1) translation ( really important for manual and for ease of use both to the administrators and the end users )
2) CMS for other parts of the website… sana madelegate ung job sa marunong na mag phpBB kasi kelangan na nating matapos ung site… magf-feb na… we wouldn’t have time to test and launch the project.

other concerns:
-no message affirming that the product has been added to the cart nor a return button to the product catalogue, nor a “finish ordering? visit your shopping cart” link.
-minor corrections: shipping details, zip should come after city
-logging in and logging out should go to the main page and not the forums
-community should be renamed as forums
-search button at the top bar works only for the forums part and not the whole site. (product catalogue, articles)

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