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  1. ria
    November 11, 2006 at 2:31 am |

    It’s sad that people think of her so lowly. Kitchie is actually good, whether live or recorded. I was not a fan up until I saw her perform live. I never knew her nor saw her but I was able to listen to her songs. Even before seeing her, I liked her music. One reason is because her music is very much hers. No band or singer singer sounds like her. Her lyrics, they come from a source. They are not just some junk with a melody. They make sense.

    Try listening to her songs, or better yet, why don’t you try to read the lyrics of her songs first. If they seem that shallow to you, maybe, you are just that shallow not to find the true meaning and inspiration of her compositions.

    Why criticize a person when you can’t even do what she does? I bet that you are not even able to create your own melody.

    Her songs maybe overplayed. Why? Because people like to hear them. Instead of wasting time bashing an artist like Kitchie, who by the way, is raking in dollars from her concert tour, Same Ground, why don’t you try and compose your own songs. We, Kitchie’s fans would be glad to listen.

    I bet, they are not even half as good. I doubt if they even make sense. Everybody gets inspired. At least something comes out of Kitchie’s inspirations. How about you?

    Maybe you are just threatened. Besides, you come from the Kitchie’s rival school. The Great Ateneo??

    Well, if you are that great, how come all you can come up with from your thoughts and inspirations is this blog which has nothing but bashing our own country’s artists? Is this all you can create? The writing is not even excellent.

    Kitchie is in school, for you information. And right now, while doing the tour and concerts, she is actually taking up a double degree; which I also doubt you have.

    So before you bash her, look in the mirror. See if you are even half of her; or if you have achieved half of what she has?

    Kitchie has already finished college and she is only in school now because she wants to be in school. Try what she is doing, let’s see if your songs would even be played in the radio.

    You call yourself educated? The way you bash people, you can just keep quiet. I am a fan. You have offended us. Why use up energy and exert effort into something worthless. Create an anti-Kitchie club?! Let’s see where that gets you. Instead of using that supposedly productive energy, you’d rather waste that in bashing successful people.

    Envy… I feel sad for you.

  2. ria
    November 11, 2006 at 3:42 am |

    I also tried looking for your songs online. I don’t want to stoop down to your level but I would just want to give you some feedback.

    The drums just don’t blend in. It’s like it has it’s beat that just overwhelms the melody of your songs, if there is any at least.

    Your vocalist could use a little bit more training with his English skills. Pronunciation is a key in rock music.

    Your lyrics are good though. You just need a little bit more creativity with your melodies. Rock music is easier to remember if the melody is good.

    When you listen to the songs, they just don’t blend together. From your vocals, to the melodies and to the beat; they are just scattered everywhere. They need to blend together and that’s what’s lacking. It’s like there’s competition within your band that makes you sound over each other and not together. Just a little feedback from a listener.

  3. kilawinguwak
    November 17, 2006 at 6:07 pm |

    still raking them in, eh cha? wahahaha!

    @ ria: deep thinkers will never care if they’re shallow, kid. shallowness doesn’t matter, since being shallow is a part of being alive.

    but then that would make kitchie nadal’s music ok, if it really were shallow. what a conundrum!

    oh and as for music. there will always be something lacking. music won’t ever be perfect, since different people listen to different things. say cha doesn’t like kitchie. that’s her opinion. i personally think sisig’s music kicks ass, and i wouldn’t mind listening to kitchie (so long as i don’t have to talk to her, her interviews suck). sure, sisig might need a few extra kicks here and there, but so does kitchie. her music, though popular, sure as hell ain’t perfect. so live and let live kiddo.

    btw, the ateneo – la salle thing’s overdone. drop it. i’m from LSGH, some of my friends are from DLSU, and i’ve never heard anybody rooting to bring back the fight for real. I’m friends with Cha here, as well as several other people who went to Ateneo. the old “rivalry” might still be there, but the feeling’s gone stale.

  4. ria
    November 18, 2006 at 5:09 am |

    I am from dlsu. I would not dare post about the La Salle and Ateneo rivalry if have no idea about it.

    I am not trying in any way to bring down Cha and her group. I was just making suggestions since I listened to their songs.

    I was quiet up until I saw the blog. I would not normally react but since I saw what Cha’s opinion is of Kitchie, I was just disappointed. I mean, why put in so much effort into something useless.

    If you really believe in the saying, “live and let live,” then tell that to Cha. She’s the one making all these efforts to put her down anyway.

  5. Cha Gascon
    November 19, 2006 at 6:59 pm |

    In reply to ms. ria:

    “Kitchie is in school, for you information. And right now, while doing the tour and concerts, she is actually taking up a double degree; which I also doubt you have.” –> physics dictates that an object cannot be in the same place at the same time. What you said is just mere exaggeration.

    “I am from dlsu. I would not dare post about the La Salle and Ateneo rivalry if have no idea about it.” –> you already did in your first comment, dipshit :p

    “If you really believe in the saying, “live and let live,” then tell that to Cha. She’s the one making all these efforts to put her down anyway.” –> It is so effortless dahling. Believe me. You think I’m wasting my time? How long do you think it took me to post the blog entry? You guys do all the work for me. :)

    Ria dear, you say so many things, barraging me with paragraphs, telling me my writing is not excellent, that I should blah blah, and all that “I bet…” yada yada. You think you’re some rock music guru or something.

    Everything you said has been posted by dozens of Kitch lovers like you. Being a know-it-all is what makes you stand out.

    Our vocalist, by the way, has a degree in creative writing and does bookings/support for an american airline company. At home, their primary language is English. He frequents the US where his sister lives. I dont think he needs any more training on English unless you want him to sound like a call center angent when singing.

    “I mean, why put in so much effort into something useless.” –> Touche! :p

  6. kilawinguwak
    November 22, 2006 at 6:10 pm |

    wahaha! intriga ka talaga tsong!

  7. keysi
    November 25, 2006 at 7:01 am |

    haha! i don’t think these people know what opinion means. blech :P

    btw, i have a post in my blog that maybe in the same genre as yours. yun nga lang, school wars ang naging labanan.

    3rd search result in google, excuding the indents. :D

  8. nathan
    December 5, 2006 at 8:41 pm |

    i agree. cha is jealous jealous jealous. sisig sucks stale eggs. mahasa rawwkks.

    i like cha’s hair better than kitchie’s though. cha’s hair rawwkks.

    my reply suxx0r5

  9. Miguel
    December 10, 2006 at 3:09 pm |

    Whatever. Basta inggit ako coz I missed my chance in life to be a rockstar!

  10. 12
    March 8, 2007 at 11:49 pm |

    After touring the US, she’ll be coming up with a new album. It’ll be out by March 23. Well, her music is way too different now. From her lyrics,instruments, and arrangements. She did a lot of collaboration with diff. international artists. The album will be released internationally.

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