About to Be OUTGOING President

Next week is supposed to be the COMPSAT elections week. Wala pang plano. Everyone is really really SABOG. Everything almost stopped to a standstill. Everyone is busy with school and other things, including me. In a couple of weeks, I am about to be the Outgoing President of the Computer Society of Ateneo. And now [...]


I was absolutely apalled when I opened the Feb 9 issue of Time magazine to see BOOHBAH. The titled read: “Tubby, and Bouncy Too. The Teletubbies’ creator is back with the surreal seductive boobah, designed to get kids moving.” Holy shit! The first time I encountered this alien-like epitome of pathetic stupidity was when my [...]

Why Do I Always Sleep in Class

I slept in Sacha’s Operating Systems class today. Add to the insult, I sit right in front, beside the teacher’s table. Later during networks class, my classmate Ceres told me Sacha wouldn’t mind. She wouldn’t be surprised because I ALWAYS SLEEP IN CLASS. And then Ceres told me how I was a notorious sleeper during [...]

Perf de Castro and My Guitar Martin Cruz gave me the url of this website. The guitar lessons are interesting. Its not exactly your clear-cut textbook type of tutorials. Its more like the philosophies and techniques of the artist. Will check more on this site. The scale progressions are interesting, albeit simple. I spent about 30 minutes just romancing my [...]

XP – They’re Pressured!

The managers of XtendedPlay are pressuring me to finish the website. They need to graduate eh! Know what, I don’t feel pressured . I’m more worried about how to makw things work. At last they’re trying out the system for themselves and suggesting some changes, telling me what they want, etc. I get to suggest [...]

Ultimate Sabogness

Today was a heck of a day! The whole morning and most of the afternoon, I was in SEC for Dacanay’s Session with Married Couples. I HAD to go to this activity. Else, Dacanay will persecute me. . It was an interesting experience talking to the married couples. Although they were rich (Tantocos, Aranetas, uhh), [...]

CS119.4 Today! Tomorrow CS161!

I got the basics of my Palm Today application working! Hurrah! It was so interesting reading through the source code of the built-in Palm applications for the ToDo List and Date Book. Such complex code for “simple” programs! The beauty of learning while hacking. Ahh. I was contemplating on doing a Palm-related thesis or something [...]

UGotGame + XtendedPlay

Ranulf Goss has just informed us that the launch of the U Got Game game portal will be moved to April. That means that registration will go ahead before that, probably in March. The budget is still up for approval and he has yet to schedule another meeting with PLDT to discuss more on the [...]

Thoughts on the Humanities

I have two humanities subjects this semester, namely, Theology 131: Marriage and Human Sexuality and Philosopy 102: Philosophy of the Human Person II. Under Fr. Adolfo Dacanay and Dr. Gus Rodriguez, respectively. Yesterday, I was elated when I got a 3.25 for a philo quiz. Not bad, considering the Humanities have always been my weakness [...]

Xtended play is now in its own server! Hurrah! Finished transfering the files, configuring the databases and stuff. Everything looks normal. I told them to get a Linux server so it SHOULD run fine. I’ve finally freed up some precious space in my own hosting for other projects and such. Yey! At the moment, [...]