Palm Databases + History 165

I’ve been researching for my “Torday” application for my CS119.4: Programming for Embedded Systems project. I need to acces the database for the builtin palm applications. Namely, the To Do List, Date Book, and Address Book (for birthday alerts). Here’s an interesting article on how to browse through all the Palm databases in your handheld: [...]

The Weekend and Beyond

CS23 stress. Just finished doing William Yu’s homework on the readers/writers problem with partner Cliff. I almost didn’t do any significant contribution. I stared at lecture slides, googled and studied explanations on the internet. But still, I had a hard time figuring out how to implement the darn thing in C. Madness. Systems programming is [...]

Xtended Play Updates

Started with basic CMS for the news area. It needs a bit of work to parse the data from the text field – edit it, add line terminators and other formatting stuff. I’ll look into blog administration panels and hack a bit to get the CMS going. Otherwise, Jino can take over if he’s still [...]


Joy Leonardo sent me an email regarding her latest find on the XtendedPlay project. She finally tried out the system! Great for me. I work well when someone else does the testing and pointing out some lose ends. A bit of pressuring from them would help me get things going too. 1) translation ( really [...]

Hell Month

C Programming assignment for CS23 Systems Programming Class. Something about Semaphores and Shared Memory implementation of the Producer Consumer Problem. This is due on Tuesday next week. My partner is the uber genius Clifford Lim. His expectations for this project is high. Work, work, work! CS119.4 Embedded Systems first minor project for Dr. Pablo Manalastas [...]

More Deadlines?

Xtended Play wants their site up on January 28. Doable? Jino says he can’t get the phpBB system. Can he finish the CMS on time? I still have to translate some of the German contant into english. Have to integrate login system too and show user data when they finalize their order in the shopping [...]

Things to Hack in this Blog

Geez, I never thought I’d put up my own personal site. has been existing in the internet devoid of an index page. That’s something to laugh at. I just use the server to deploy and test my web projects. So this blog is just one of my little projects wich I hope would sustain [...]

Theology 131 Oral Exams

Did I seriously Think that I had enough courage, enough guts, to take up an oral exam with Fr. Adolfo Dacanay for Th131? It seems that Murphy’s Law is catching up on me this year. Out of 3 thesis statements, the one he picked was the one that I least knew. It was the one [...]

Hang-out with Bruce, Martin & Co

Hanged out with Bruce and Martin once again. First went out with them last week during the fantastic Razorback gig at 70s bistro. I’ll forever thank them for inviting me to that gig. It was the best! What a way to start the year. Bruce’s ex was there with her “boyfriend”. If I were Bruce, [...]